When a managing partner from a prestigious title insurance agency in Manhattan says that homebuyers, consumers, are better off selecting their own title agent to save money on mortgage loan transactions, people listen.

In many cases, the real estate agent or mortgage broker select a title agent for the borrower, but this does not have to be the case. Many consumers are now requesting and choosing their own title agents.

Finding a long-standing company, like MyTitleDirect, saves the consumer a lot of money on closing costs and unnecessary fees that are too often tacked on.

In the New York Times article “Saving on Title Insurance” Rafael Castellanos, the managing partner for Expert Title Insurance Agency, advises that the consumer ask their real estate lawyer to recommend a reputable title agency that has a business affiliation [NYTimes.com].

Not only does title insurance guarantee the borrower of their clear ownership of a property in a real estate transaction, but they also insure against any claims that might have gone undetected, helping the consumer and the lender immensely.

This is why most mortgage lenders require title insurance for their deals.